Upholstery Cleaning

After a rough day, do you avoid sitting down because your furniture looks and smells bad? Do you no longer want friends and family to visit your home because your couch is soiled? Has your dog or cat completely taken over your favorite chair -- not by being there all the time, but simply by leaving their hair all over the fabric? Do you think that your upholstery can never be truly clean again?

You just need an advantage over the problem -- so call Advantage!

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We handle disaster cleanup -- we can handle your couch.

Advantage Services is no stranger to tough cleanup jobs. We restore homes to full usability after fires, mold inundation, and flooding. It's only natural that we would know how to thoroughly and correctly clean furniture. If we can get a chair usable again after it has been exposed to smoke and soot, we can certainly deal with pet hair on the cushion. If we can make a sofa inviting again after mold has gotten into everything in a room, we can definitely handle a stain or two.

We're very confident that you'll love your furniture again after you have us over to perform a cleaning.

Don't forget that Advantage Services also offers air duct cleaning.
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